Cute Instagram Filters Every Teen Girl MUST Have!

Thanks to Instagram filters, we’ve really been able to level up our selfie and photo game. Of course, I myself have played around a bunch with these filters and I have sound some of the CUTEST and PRETTIEST Instagram filters for teen girls that I’m going to share.

Before I show you the filters, let me tell you how to find them! You can press the link that I have provided, OR, you can go to the username of the filter creator then add it from there. Simply type in the username and go to their profile. Then, tap this button:

OPIE Face Filter - Instagram

and scroll till you find the filter you want! The button should be inline with the grid and tagged bar.

Using Instagram story filters are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your story’s content. So keep scrolling to see some of my all-time favorite Instagram filters!

1. Vintage Butterfly <3 by

Link here

2. Koi Fish by merurid

Link here

3. FOFO by robertobrendo

Link here

4. CAM_GIRLZ.MP4 by hellmalware

Link here

5. Butterfly Look by er__ger

Link here

6. KIRA PASTEL by kamnoyy

Link here

7. Creation. by sessasessa

Link here

8. Lil Icy Eyes by paigepiskin

Link here

Aren’t these simply the CUTEST filters ever! Let me know if you would like me to share any more Instagram filters for teen girls.

If you want to look for more filters on your own, then:

  1. Open a filter
  1. Press on the filter’s name at the bottom of the screen
  1. Select “Browse Effects”
  1. A screen like this should show up and you can just scroll and look through the various filters from there:

If you have more things that you want to do with your phone, then check out some of the ADORABLE quotes wallpapers here. Happy selfie taking!

Love, Carol x

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