5 Life Hacks for Online School I Learnt from TikTok

It’s hard to get motivated to study day to day although it is very important for all of us. So, why not get things done more efficiently. As I am writing this, I’m in quarantine and I’m gone be real… I’ve been watching too much TikTok (okay but who isn’t). TikTok inspired me and gave me a lot of schooling hacks and some were a game changer! I tried these out for a few days with my online school and now I’m going to share the life hacks for online school that actually work!

If you want some hacks school (or online school), then be sure to read on.

Life Hacks for Online School
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#1 Type with Your Voice!

If your hands are getting tired, you can always try out this first life hack – which speech typing! Google docs or Word will then type out exactly what you’re saying and you won’t need to use your hands! To get “voice typing,” simply follow these 3 easy steps.

For Google Docs

  1. Click on “Tools,”
  2. Press “Voice typing”
Life Hacks for Online School, voice typing
  1. Something like this should come up and you’re ready to go
Life Hacks for Online School, voice typing

OR, if controls are more your thing, for Windows press Ctrl+Shift+S or for Mac it is Command+Shift+S.

For Word

  1. Open your word document
  2. In the top right, there should be a button that says “dictate.” Press the button.
  1. You might need to let Microsoft Word access the microphone. Just press ok!

…And you’re all set to begin speech typing!

#2 Youtube Video Transcript (a better hack than watching on 2x speed)

If your teacher has asked you to watch a video on something you’re learning, this hack will help you! Rather than watch the video on 2x speed, you can simply get the transcript and just read it to make the process faster!

It will also help you answer any summary or analysis worksheets because you can just Control+F or Command+F on a Mac to search for keywords. Here are the steps:

  1. Open up the YouTube video that your teacher wants you to watch
  2. Press the three dots near the “like” and “dislike” buttons
  3. Press open transcript
Life Hacks for Online School, video transcript
  1. The transcript will open up on the right side of the video and it will look something like this:
Life Hacks for Online School, video transcript

Note: It doesn’t always work for me if I am logged into my school email. So if it doesn’t work, I would recommend copying the link and watching it on another tab with your home email.

#3 Have ALL of your tabs in ONE place

Having many too many tabs open at once has always been one of my BIGGEST pet peeves. Everything gets so cluttered and you can never find the tab you need without clicking around a few times.

This hack will help you declutter your open tabs, organize them, and make life SO much easier!

  1. Go to the Chrome Webstore
  2. Search for “One Tab” and download the extension. The extension should look like this:
Life Hacks for Online School, One Tab
  1. Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon. It should be located in the top right corner of chrome next to the search bar
Life Hacks for Online School, One Tab
  1. All your tabs will then be converted into a list like this
Life Hacks for Online School, One Tab
  1. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once. There are also a lot of other options like to favorite, restore, lock, etc!

#4 Gifs in your Presentations

For those of us who are still getting presentations while in quarantine (or those of us who are going to school as normal), why not make them just that much cuter! Adding gifs are an easy way to individualize your presentation and make them more interesting and fun.

  1. Go to https://giphy.com/
  2. Search for a gif you want (eg. exercise if you’re doing a sport presentation)
Life Hacks for Online School, Gify
  1. Find a gif you like and click into it
  2. Save the image to your computer (Note: it will not work if you just copy the photo!)
Life Hacks for Online School, Gify
  1. Go Insert > image > upload from computer
Life Hacks for Online School
  1. Find the image and insert it into your presentation

Obviously, I can’t show you the gif as I’m showing you through photos, but it should work, and that’s it!

#5 Socratic (photomath for more than just maths)

If you don’t know what photomath is… where have you been! It’s basically a calculator but you don’t have to type the question in. You simply take a photo of the math question and it solves it (WITH step by step working out). It’s a real lifesaver! Also, it’s not just for the easy math stuff, it goes into trigonometry, quadratic function, etc.

TikTok has taught me that there’s an application out there similar to photomath but ALSO also for science (such as environmental science, earth science, physics, chemistry, and biology).

Remember it’s an app for your phone and not something for your computer! Sounding like something you need? Here’s how it works:

Life Hacks for Online School, Socratic
  1. Download the Socratic app on iOS or Android
Life Hacks for Online School, Socratic
  1. Open the app
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. Now you can: type a question, take a photo of a question or use your voice to ask a questions

Socratic has concept overviews, explanatory steps, video walkthroughs, and other educational resources that help you better understand the questions.


I hope you guys like these life hacks for online school that I’m passing on to you from TikTok. Hopefully they can help you somehow, no matter whether it’s for school OR online school. Try implementing these and see if they help you as they helped me! Happy studying!

Love, Carol x

Also now that we’re all in quarantine, if you need something to do, you can always check out this link here!

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