5 Apps Every Girl Teen Needs ASAP!

Nowadays, I’m pretty sure most of us live from day to day with phones. I’m sure that some of you may even be reading this post right now on your phones!

Phones help us make life easier by giving us directions, curing our boredom, bringing food to our doorstep, etc. I’ve come across a few apps that are perfect for every teen girl out there that you need to download and check out ASAP!

So, keep reading to see a list of apps that all teen girls need!


ios / android

As teen girls, we all go through that dreaded time of the month. Having a period app to track everything that happens makes life so much easier! Period apps like Flo can help you track your different cycles and warn you before your period comes to make sure that you are prepared. Flo can help you track your flow intensity, and how long your cycles are. It’s also just a good way to check and make sure that your period cycles are regular and healthy!

Pureple Outfit Planner

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Pureple is an app that helps you plan different outfits. It takes different items in your closet and gives you different suggestions for outfits. This app is amazing for a day when you’re too lazy to pick an outfit for yourself, or maybe even for day to day life. It’s also cool to just see all the clothing items you have in your wardrobe at once! It’s pretty much a closet in your phone.

Motivation – Daily Quotes

ios / android

No matter what you’re going through right now, having inspirational quotes show up daily doesn’t hurt anyone. The app basically has a bunch of quotes and send you different quotes as notifications. Every hour or so (you can change this accordingly), it’s nice to just get a little quote to help you stay motivated and get through the day! It’s great to help you stay positive and is just a cute and fun little thing to have on your phone.

Photo vault – secret folder

ios / android

Note: the exact app I use isn’t available on android but I found a very similar one!

App Lock is an application that allows you to lock contacts, SMS, e-mails, photos, and things like that by a password or pattern. We all have a few private photos that we may not want to share especially if our friends steal our phone. It’s good to just have a little extra security for some of the more private things on our phone. This is definitely one of the apps that every teen girl needs to download.


ios / android

Note: this app isn’t available on android but the link is to a similar app.

Parachute is an application that maps your location and discreetly records and live streams audio and video. It’s basically an app that will ensure that you are always safe. It also tracks your altitude so emergency help will know which floor you’re on. The app doesn’t call 911 (or the emergency contact of your country), but rather it can call, text or email your will also call, text your emergency contacts so that they can contact those services. Having an app like this readily available is also good to just let you feel more safe.


ios / android

I’m sure that everyone knows what Pinterest is, but I’m just going to mention it again because I love it so much. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s basically a social network where people can find inspiration and ideas for their interests and hobbies. It is also a place to get aesthetic photos and things like that for your wallpaper or photo wall, for example. I use the app to get inspiration for jewelry, hair, outfits, etc. It’s a great app that all girls, and boys even, need!

These are the 5 apps that I think every teen girl needs! If you download and try out these apps – then tell me what you think. If you have any other app recommendations you can also leave those in the comments. Happy downloading!

Speaking of phones, if you guys need a quarantine playlist then have a look here!

Love, Carol x

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